How to Replace Drawer Pulls on a Dresser

If you’re like a lot of people you have an old dresser or two that’s seen better days. Or maybe you like spending your weekends tromping through flea markets and garage sales looking for treasures or one-of-a-kind finds. Antique and vintage dressers can be a real steal, especially if they’re buried in layers of old paint or finish. Most people won’t want to bother with all the work of stripping and refinishing but you know a bargain when you see one. A little elbow grease (ok, maybe a lot of elbow grease) and some new drawer pulls and you’ll have a piece that’s worth at least ten times what you paid for it.

Of course a dresser doesn’t have to be old or valuable to benefit from a facelift and the real secret to any dresser makeover is in the hardware. It’s as easy as changing the old drawer pulls or knobs and you can find these at any home hardware store or home improvement center. If you’re working with a wardrobe, which is basically a dresser and closet combined, you can also find matching cabinet handles and hinges as well.

It’s Easy to Replace the Drawer Pulls and Knobs on Your Dresser

Replacing the drawer pulls on a dresser is a simple task. Just arm yourself with a screwdriver and you’re set to go. Most home hardware such as drawer pulls and cabinet handles are attached with Phillips head screws but if you have an antique piece the screws may just have a single slot. It’s important to remember that drawer pulls will generally have two attachment holes while knobs usually have just one. When replacing drawer pulls you’ll want to make certain your new pulls will line up with the same holes.

Make note of the length of the old screws. If the new ones are too long or too short you can always replace them with the right size screws. Just make sure they have the same thread size and diameter to fit the new drawer pulls or knobs. If you really want to change the style completely and the holes just aren’t going to line up with your new hardware, try looking for a matching back plate. Decorative back plates will let you drill a complete new set of holes while covering up the old ones.

Home Hardware Makes Dressers Versatile

When searching for your dresser hardware, you can use the same home hardware that you’d use for your kitchen and bath cabinet handles and drawer pulls. If you’re looking for a modern sleek look check out stainless cabinet handles and knobs. They’ll work just as well on a dresser and look great too. And remember dressers aren’t just for bedrooms.

Need a little extra storage in the bath? Take a small chest of drawers add stainless cabinet handles. It’s a great place for extra towels, shower and beauty products and hair driers and rollers.

Take an older dresser and a flea market table and chairs and paint every thing to match. Change the drawer pulls on the dresser, add a runner and you’ve just created a buffet and dining set. Dressers whether old or new are such versatile pieces of furniture and can be made to fit in almost any room of the home. What makes them even more versatile is the availability of almost limitless styles of cabinet handles and drawer pulls. So next time you’re out making the garage sale rounds and spy that lonely dresser, consider taking it home and let your imagination soar!