The Importance Of Quality Fittings In The Home

When building or renovating, the goal is generally to construct the very best home for yourself and your family to live in. Unfortunately, much of the effort and money for such construction is poured into things that may look great, but are rarely functional, or built with quality in mind. One of the most often overlooked aspects of a dwelling are the smaller fittings, such as door handles, locks, hooks, hangers and even hinges. It is very unwise to neglect such items, as they are in heavy use every single day.

Below are a few reasons why you should spend the extra cash on quality fittings for your new build, or renovation, will be explained.


If you went around your house right now and actually took stock, you would be truly amazed at the sheer number of handles within a standard home. Entrance doors, interior doors, cabinets and cupboards all have numerous handles. It pays to remember why these handles are there – to make it easy for you to access things! Cheaply made or poorly designed handles can actually be very difficult to use. Often, handles are fitted due to looking good, rather than being ergonomic and easily grasped by human hands.

When choosing door handles for your home, it is next to useless to simply purchase from a catalogue. Instead, you need to get a feel for the handles you are going to fit. They should sit naturally into your hands and open easily. Just imagine yourself having to use them in the dark, or when tired and base your decision not just on looks, but how easy they are to use.


One of the most important things for your home is security and good quality locks are your first line of defence. Quality locks are much more durable and resistant to attempts to illegally enter the premises. It is crucial that you only choose quality locks and other security fittings to ensure the safety of your family.

Hooks and Hangers

Hooks and hangers in the home are the most common in bathrooms and bedroom wardrobes. Far too many people cheap out on these fittings, using very brittle plastics. Nothing is more annoying than hanging a towel, only to have a hook snap off under pressure. This results in constant replacement of these fittings. If quality hooks and hangers had been fitted initially, this entire process would not need to occur.

Hinges And Brackets

Even more obscure and misunderstood, is the function of hinges and brackets used for doors and cabinets. These items are under constant use, with these doors being opened and closed countless times every day. Over the life of a hinge, it may experience thousands of cycles of use. Because of this heavy usage, it is important that you invest in quality from the very beginning. You will be surprised at the difference quality hinges and brackets can have in the functionality of doors and cabinets.